1. How soon can I get my case back?

We operate on a scheduling basis. Call (813-684-1905) or e-mail (SCS@SuncoastCeramic.com) our office at the time of preplanning, if possible, or time of treatment and give us basic information including patients first and last name, when the case will be ready for pick up (for local accounts) or when the case will be shipped out (for out-of-town accounts), teeth #’s and material requested and we will give you a specific return date. For local accounts, the return date given means the case will be delivered to your office on that day by the end of your business day. For out-of-town accounts, the date given means the case will be shipped via UPS ground out of our office on that date; and, if you are located in Florida, you should receive your case on the next business day by close of your working day.

*Local deliveries include Tampa, Westchase, Lutz, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Riverview

2. Does Suncoast Ceramic Studio offer “RUSH” services?

Yes. Please call our office and give us the details of your patient’s needs before sending the case to us. We will do everything in our power to accommodate their schedule. The rush fee is $45 per unit and is based on our current schedule. You may also request Next Day Air shipping at an additional fee to receive the case back earlier in the day.

3. How do I ship my case to Suncoast Ceramic Studio?

If you have an active account with us simply give us a call and we will enroll you into our UPS Vendor Connect account by giving you a user ID and password. This will allow you to print UPS ground shipping labels at your convenience. The shipping costs are charged directly to our UPS account.
If you do not have an account with us and would like to send us your case, please give us a call and we will be happy to e-mail or fax a UPS shipping label to you.
Three ways to get your shipment on a UPS truck for delivery to SCS

1. Find a drop off center near you
a. Go to www.ups.com
b. Enter “United States” for location (if prompted)
c. Go to “Locations” to find a drop off center or drop box nearest you

2. Give it to your regular UPS driver if you receive UPS deliveries daily. (It must have a UPS label on the package)
3. Open a UPS account to call for pick-ups as needed at www.ups.com

Shipping Address:
Suncoast Ceramic Studio
1415 Oakfield Dr.
Brandon, FL 33511
*Please remember to pack all items needed to complete your case securely in the shipping box and be sure to wrap stone models with extra bubble wrap or place them in cushioned model boxes.

4. Does Suncoast Ceramic Studio do implants?

Yes. Due to the nature of implants, patient-specific abutments are recommended to insure the aesthetic outcome of your individual case. We partner with Dentsply Implants for our patient-specific abutments due to their fine warranty and craftsmanship. Consequently, the time it takes to complete an implant case will vary.
We request that you call to let us know you will be sending an implant case so we may schedule a pick up (for local doctors) or expect the arrival of your shipment (for out-of-town doctors).
The implant case will be scheduled for an evaluation to do the following:
Check in all parts received & disinfect (Day #1)
Evaluate impressions, order analog, if needed, and pour the models (Day #2)
Finish the models (mounting, die sectioning, etc…) (Day #3)
If necessary, phone the doctor to discuss type of abutment to be ordered and any other pertinent details (Day #3)
Scan models to Dentsply Implant for abutment design and fabrication (Day #4)
It will take 2 business days for us to receive the patient-specific abutment(s) once the design has been approved. Once the abutment(s) are completed and returned to our laboratory, we will call you with a definite date of delivery or shipment.

5. Does Suncoast Ceramic Studio charge for remakes or adjustments?

Remakes – We do our best to minimize chair time. Remakes are not something we take lightly. When a remake is requested, we ask that all original models, previous impressions and crowns be returned for an evaluation. We want to know the cause of the remake and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Remake charges are determined on a case-by-case basis. Once the entire case has been evaluated, the decision for charging or not charging will be made by Suncoast Ceramic Studio.
Adjustments – Minor adjustments will be made by Suncoast Ceramic Studio at no charge. Major adjustments will be evaluated and, if the original prescription was followed properly, there may be charges that apply.

6. Does Suncoast Ceramic Studio offer shade consultations?

Yes. In our office for a fee of $75, this will be billed to the referring dentist. Your patient may call us to make an appointment to come to our lab for a consultation and will need to bring a written prescription requesting a shade consultation from the doctor to present upon arriving. The visit will take approximately 15-30 minutes. We will take high-resolution digital photographs of the patient’s teeth along with shade tabs which will help us reference specific shape, characteristics, hue, chroma and value. This information will give us a better guide to match the restoring teeth; however, it is a guide and the need to be sent back to our lab to make slight adjustments is not uncommon once tried in the mouth.

*Please note that Suncoast Ceramic Studio will not remove and replace temporaries or temporarily-seated restorations. Florida State regulations prohibit us from doing so.

7. When does Suncoast Ceramic Studio need prep shades (i.e. Stump shades)? And why?

We need prep shades when all-porcelain restorations are requested. This includes e.max press, e.max CAD and Empress. The shade of the prep can show through the porcelain restoration and alter the final shade. We make ingot or block selections based on the prep shade and the final shade requested, these choices will block out or utilize the underlying prep shade depending if the prep shade is dark or light.