Congratulations! David Johnson – 35 Year CDT


We asked David a few questions about his 35 year endeavor as a CDT and this is what he had to say.

How did you get in to the dental industry? My parents had a friend that was a dental technician. When I was in high school he came to visit at Christmas and drove up in a new Cadillac. I didn’t fully understand what being a technician was, but I decided right then “I’m doing that”. By the time I met with my guidance counselor toward the end of my junior year I had already decided what school I was going to attend and where I would live. My career decision has lasted 41 years.

Tell us about some dental products/techniques you did “back in the day”? When I first started in a commercial lab in 1975 we were still fabricating Pyroplast Facings. I even had to fabricate one as part of my CDT exam in 1981. The biggest change from then to now is all of our options in metal-free material. Much of the cast gold and PFM cases are being replaced with pressable and CAD ceramics as well as zirconia, which we can use on large cases.

What do you like most about being a CDT? I like to think that being a CDT holds me to a higher standard. It says that I still like to keep learning and bettering myself as a professional and that I care about what I do.

If you could give any advice to upcoming dental technicians what would it be? Work at your craft. It’s not easy so it must be practiced to improve skill level. I think learning to be proficient in more than one specialty is beneficial. I should have had more interest in removable prosthetics. I still have so much to learn even after 41 years.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? I like watching football and baseball when I’m relaxing at home. I love to spend time with my wife. We enjoy the beach and are avid Stand Up Paddle boarders. If I could I would just exist in my shorts and flip flops!

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