Dr. Michael Fernandez, DMD

“Suncoast Ceramic Studio has been providing me with quality restorations since 2013. I’ve been very happy with all of their ceramic restorations and rarely have any issues with fit or color match. I have tried multiple labs over 20 years of practice and very few have been able to achieve my required level of precision. Suncoast has done that and I look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Jeff Bynum, DDS

“I have been working with Suncoast Ceramic Studio for nearly 20 years. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing lab in such close proximity. Over the years, the owners and technicians have helped me to look good when I did not always deserve it. They have helped me to grow and to become better. We have developed a great working relationship. I can talk to them. We speak the same language. They understand the difficulties we all face in practice. They are dedicated to growth and educating themselves. Their level of artistry and technical skill are impressive, but more than that, they have integrity. They are an integral part of my team and I trust them and they predictably support me. My patients and I are happy to continue to work with Suncoast Ceramic Studio for years to come.”

Thomas T. Doan, DMD

“Suncoast Ceramic Studio has been one of the best dental labs that I have had the privilege to work with. Many of my patients have been the recipients of their amazing work. They have the keen eye for esthetics, occlusion, and anatomy that make their restorations virtually seamless. I have been a client of theirs for years and will continue to do so. All the team members there work in unison to make them a pleasure to work with.”

Gary N. Steen, DMD, MAGD

“In 31 years of practicing dentistry, I have yet to find a lab that produces a more consistent quality product including crowns, bridges and restoration of implants. Thank you.”

 Christopher F. Waite, DMD

“I have been a collaborator with Suncoast Ceramic Studio for a little over 18 years. They handle all my fixed restorative cases from the single units to the complex esthetic cases. I would never use anyone else. Their restorations are in mine and my family’s mouths. Suncoast makes me look good every day. I cannot be more thankful than to have a lab like Suncoast Ceramic Studio on my team.”

Stephen J. Zuknick, DMD

“Suncoast Ceramic Studio has been my laboratory of choice for fixed restorations for over a decade. Their technical ability ensures that I spend very little chair time during seat appointments making adjustments. They are active in continuing education to ensure I am able to provide specific material options to my patients depending on individual restorative needs. Ultimately, the working relationship I enjoy with the entire Suncoast family make this day-to-day aspect of our profession a breeze.”

James A. Mitchell, D.D.S

“Suncoast Ceramic Studio is the lab I go to when I absolutely need the case to have exceptional aesthetics, or when the case must be completely right on the first try.”