Does Suncoast Ceramic Studio offer shade consultations?

Yes. In our office for a fee of $75, this will be billed to the referring dentist. Your patient may call us to make an appointment to come to our lab for a consultation and will need to bring a written prescription requesting a shade consultation from the doctor to present upon arriving. The visit will take approximately 15-30 minutes. We will take high-resolution digital photographs of the patient’s teeth along with shade tabs which will help us reference specific shape, characteristics, hue, chroma and value. This information will give us a better guide to match the restoring teeth; however, it is a guide and the need to be sent back to our lab to make slight adjustments is not uncommon once tried in the mouth.

*Please note that Suncoast Ceramic Studio will not remove and replace temporaries or temporarily-seated restorations. Florida State regulations prohibit us from doing so.