Does Suncoast Ceramic Studio do implants?

Yes. Due to the nature of implants, patient-specific abutments are recommended to insure the aesthetic outcome of your individual case. We partner with Dentsply Implants for our patient-specific abutments due to their fine warranty and craftsmanship. Consequently, the time it takes to complete an implant case will vary.
We request that you call to let us know you will be sending an implant case so we may schedule a pick up (for local doctors) or expect the arrival of your shipment (for out-of-town doctors).
The implant case will be scheduled for an evaluation to do the following:
Check in all parts received & disinfect (Day #1)
Evaluate impressions, order analog, if needed, and pour the models (Day #2)
Finish the models (mounting, die sectioning, etc…) (Day #3)
If necessary, phone the doctor to discuss type of abutment to be ordered and any other pertinent details (Day #3)
Scan models to Dentsply Implant for abutment design and fabrication (Day #4)
It will take 2 business days for us to receive the patient-specific abutment(s) once the design has been approved. Once the abutment(s) are completed and returned to our laboratory, we will call you with a definite date of delivery or shipment.