Our goal is to work with like-minded professionals where integrity is the foundation of every case! Care is taken to make the patient the focal point of the entire restoration process.  We strive to increase our knowledge in the development of new materials, techniques and digital dentistry with continued education. We promise you and your patients high-quality, long-lasting, functional and natural-looking restorations that are crafted in the USA.


Suncoast Ceramic Studio’s journey began in 1993 as a three-person operation: Linda, who has been in the dental industry since 1967, her husband, Jerry, and one of their daughters, Teresa, made up the trio. With Linda’s love of art and science came a passion and commitment to create the most beautiful, functionally-sound, precise-fitting restorations. It was not long before they outgrew the small starting space and now employ many highly-skilled technicians and professionals. We believe that direct communication is a vital link to quality and precision work. This ensures each finished product will not only be functionally sound, but also have cosmetic appeal and natural beauty. We specialize in individual, custom design on a case-by-case basis. Many of our talented technicians are CDT’s (Certified Dental Technicians) and have attended numerous continuing education courses such as The Las Vegas Institute, The Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study, The DeVreugd International Seminars, The Institute for Oral Art and Design and The Implant Esthetics Center of Excellence.
Our passion continues today! With a combined experience of over 100 years in the dental industry, we take pride in knowing that, behind the scenes, we help change people’s lives and give them a renewed self-confidence!

Welcome to Suncoast Ceramic Studio!


Jerry McGee – Founder


Linda McGee – Founder
(CDT since 1984)

Owners Rachel McGee-Powledge & Teresa McGee Padilla (CDT since 2005)

Owners Rachel McGee-Powledge & Teresa McGee Padilla (CDT since 2005)